Colorado’s Winter Mountain Adventures

The Snow is here and Colorado’s Mountain towns have been preparing all summer long for you to come and enjoy all the amenities. From snow boarding, skiing, snow tubing, snow mobile riding, and relaxing in the hot springs after it all. What is stopping you from taking that vacation time and hitting the slopes.  Now that you have waited all year for the snow to come do you have everything you need for your Colorado adventures to the mountains.  Breckenridge is one of the hottest mountain spots with all the skiing, snowboarding, and amazing breweries.  Fun for everyone family, friends, or a romantic getaway you get to choose.

It is that time of year when Colorado vacations are up the air ,and I know that my family tradition was to go to Estes Park for the holidays, and it was so much fun because your away from your day to day lives in the mountains enjoying the scenery.  Relaxing in a small town is also a blast, because they wait all year for you to come and spend your money at there small shops, which are awesome, and you can find so many fun gifts and things for the house.  So why not break your ways and traditions and try new things these Rockies are here waiting for you.  The funny part about this is that most of us in Colorado don’t really enjoy it, because we get stuck in our routines and ways, and I was one of you.  But sometime you have to make that change and say “screw it I am going on an adventure”  then pack your bags and drive.  No need for a map just head west and don’t stop until you find a fun location or you get stuck in a blizzard and have to camp in your car just more reason to go prepared.

If you need some ideas of what you need or where to go check out Colorado Adventure Now

There are many things to do in Colorado, and even just taking a hike around the mountains is absolutely amazing.  Another fun thing to do is find hidden hot springs all over the mountains some of those sneaky springs are deep in the mountains.  That is where you get your backpacking trip moving with your goal to find that lonely hot spring, and which it ends up being a wonderful camp site.  Live in the in suburbs such as South Denver, Castle Wood Canyon is a fun hike that is within 30 minutes away.  This canyon is so much fun to make a little day trip with some snacks.  Maybe bring your swimsuit cause you can get wet in the little river running through the canyon.  Colorado Activities are everywhere and sometimes I like to just drive into the mountains with no destination until you see somewhere interesting to stop, and get out for a fun unknown adventure of your own.  You know the best trips are some that are not planned, and I know that we all are big planners these days and its hard to break our stride by not planning something, but just think it could be the trip you have been waiting for your whole life.

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