Doing Your Own SEO?

How to do your own optimization for your website!

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If you are a small business owner and you took the time to create your own web site you should be aware that your job is not finished yet. You still want to make sure that Google and the other major search engines take notice of your site and give you a good ranking. You may have developed your site just so that you have a place for your customers to get more information, but don’t you also want to use it to bring in new customers as well?

If you would like people to find your website in the search engines than you need to learn this acronym which you may have already heard of, Denver SEO Consultant. This stands for search engine optimization which is a fancy way of describing the preparation of your website to let the search engines know what your website is all about. Basically you want to let Google and the other search engines know why people should visit your site.

Proper SEO is not a manipulation of the search engines but having an understanding of how they look at websites. The search engines will look at such things as the domain name, the title of your site, article headings, and the overall content of your site. Let’s take a look at these.

Domain Name

Your domain name may or may not tell the search engines what your site has to do with your product. A site with a domain name such as denverseo.com would of course tell the search engines that your site is about Denver SEO services in the Denver area. If your domain name is something like robertplantcompany.com and you are a plumbing company, then you might want to develop a page such as robertplantcompany.com/denverplumber. But don’t feel that because your domain isn’t your product that you can’t get Google’s attention. You still of course can. That is where we get into the other areas.

Title of Your Site

The title of your site is extremely important in letting the search engines know what you have to offer. With the above example of the plumber your title could be as follows: The Robert Plant Company – Your Denver Plumber. This way as the search engines read your title they will know exactly what you have to offer.

Article Headings

It is a good idea to look at your main page as an article that not only lets your potential customers know what your company offers but also lets the search engines know as well. Consider the title on your main page as the article heading. This should be what is called in web design terms an H1 Tag. An H1 tag is basically the largest heading that is offered in web design terms. When Google sees an H1 tag in the code it reads that line as being extremely important. This is why the heading on the page also needs to be related to the product you offer.

Overall Content

The body of the copy on your main page should also contain the important terms that are related to your product or services. Think about what people are going to search for when they go to Yahoo or Google. These are the terms you want to rank for. Make sure that these terms are in the body of your article without going overboard. Google doesn’t like over stuffing articles with keywords either. Make it readable and informative while still making sure to get across what you have to offer.


We didn’t mention this before but you should also make sure to take advantage of the alt tags for pictures. The alt tag is a description of the picture that the search engines see since they don’t know what your picture looks like. You may have a picture of a plumber with the alt tag saying “a plumber in Denver.”

Search engine optimization is more of an art form than anything else but you can do it and this basic set of optimization tips can help you in your search for higher rankings. If you find it to be too overwhelming, don’t be afraid to contact an expert local Denver SEO services on Yelp.

Are you living around Denver Colorado and can’t think of anything at all cool you can do?

Things to do in Denver Colorado

Let’s just say, first off for everybody who is bored around the Denver, Colorado area than you need to get a life, since this is Denver and we’ve got lots of adventures in this region. Because of this abundance of sunshine all during the year you should not have any trouble discovering engaging things to do in and around Denver co. That means, quit lounging around the house and step out the front door regardless of whether in order to enter the hills and walk about for an hour or two. Getting out the door is the first step to help you eliminate monotony, plus the mountains are right here so that you can get on that adventure.

Watch this amazing video of Colorado Zip Line from a drone over the zip lining course in Castle Rock Co . colorado zip lining fun

On the subject of amusing stuff you are able to experiment with in this beautiful realm of the Rocky mountain area, your list really is limitless similar to snowboarding, snow skiing, and tubing in the wintertime when it’s cold and you think you might be stranded inside your house. Weather conditions are better in comparison with what you may think and if you’re walking around being on the go it is not too cold. Go climb over the Manitou Springs incline any time of the year, and the trail is certainly not that bad beside it.   Hiking the incline you may need some micro spikes during the winter season, however i climbed it with no hassles putting on merely winter boots. This can be only 1 idea that one could attempt and get away from lounging around at the identical saloon you always do. If you live here in Denver and also do not embark upon some cool outings you are better off moving to Iowa.

Colorado's Zip Line

Our summer is my personal favorite and you also won’t be able to outdo our summer season with sunshine shining just about each day. Keeping yourself in the home is mostly a crime over the summer time, plus the happenings, music events, and enjoyable mini activities accessible in the summer time seem to be uncontrolled. Red Rocks is without doubt the greatest     venue anywhere, and it’s also right here. Zip lining, river rafting and camping out are among my favorites through the summer. Zip lining in Colorado the right spots like Royal Gorge or mainly Castle Rock Zip Line Colorado Tours, as it is among the longest and speediest in Colorado. But best of all, it really is near the Denver Colorado region that makes it less than an hour or so away, and we all know under an hour or so for an exciting activity is absolutely nothing. Let’s just say, try several of these amusing activities this summer and go out the door for some enjoyment in the sunshine.


This is simply a little observation about how Colorado is incredible and of course you must not fritter away your entire time in the house especially if the hills have a whole lot to provide us. This is exactly why we live in Denver to enjoy the sunshine as well as its vast ventures as well as travels.

Find out how to patch up your home’s roof without hiring somebody

When you need a professional for any Denver Roofing these are your guys

For those who have undergone several brutal gusts of wind not long ago close to you or possibly a modest ice storm you may want to complete several manageable fixes onto your roof. The results of extreme gusts of wind and hail or ice storms frequently should be handled promptly. Your roof probably will remain strong for a while after damages have taken place, however it is a good option to be heedful of the challenges before they begin to get to be a bigger problem.

Finding Leaks

Once you deem that the roof has already been dripping then you’ll definitely be compelled to handle the problem right away for this can trigger considerable problems as in mold along with rotting of the wood under the shingles in addition to joists. If you see water spots on your ceilings or walls then chances are you have a problem roof. If you should get access to your attic you’ll be able to have a look at the underside of the covering above the location where spots are happening to check out should there be piping or vents on the roof at these spots. The water leaks are in all likelihood occurring near the masonry, roofing vents, dormers, or water pipes coming up and out of your roof. Make an effort to see if you can find water discolorations on the underside of the house top. If you find that you truly have a location around the vent that may be leaking you might have to exchange the vent or possibly the covering around it. In the event this is way too much to do you may want to obtain a roof company to deal with it on your behalf.

Repairing Shingles

Roof repair denver

Changing just a few shingles is commonly a relatively straightforward situation to carry out. It is easy to replace a shingle by taking a pry bar and getting rid of the nails off of the roofing shingle above the one that should be swapped out together with the main one that you happen to be working on. The specific asphalt shingle above also has nails through the roofing shingle you are swapping out. At this time easily insert the brand new roofing shingle up under the one above and hammer it in place. You may require to buy a little asphalt shingle sealant from the nearby hardware store as the old sealant on the asphalt shingle over it might no longer be good. Refer to the instructions made available by the company.

Ridge Shingle Replacement

If one or more of your current ridge cover shingles is damaged or has actually been taken out by wind, you’ll have to loosen the surrounding ridge cap roof shingles. Make perfectly sure that you totally take out all particles or broken parts of that old asphalt shingle. Slide a new shingle underneath the preceding crest top asphalt shingle and nail them down. You might need a little sealant or roofing cement to be certain that they are protected. Fixing ruined crest cap shingles is important mainly because moisture could possibly get into the attic or mess up your roof decking underneath of the asphalt shingles.

Older Homes

But if your home is older you may desire to check the flashing close to the flue or vents. You’ll be able to touch-up all of these sections with some roofing cement if you discover that there are little spaces or areas where the flashing meets brick or perhaps the vents that is separating away. If it appears to be graver it might be the right time to speak to a professional roofing contractor.

Should you get on the top of the roof and see a great deal of damage to the asphalt shingles or discover that numerous asphalt shingles are absent then it is frequently the right time to speak to a roof expert. Generally if the repairs are slight then by all means go up there and fix it by yourself. This offers you the pleasure of having salvaged a lot of out of pocket cash by not being forced to get in touch with that roofing professional.

Remember if you are looking for a contractor to check the BBB and make sure the company has a good standing with them and very few complaints.  Check out these Denver roofing companies in the BBB and see how there are great companies out there.

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